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Custom ETL pipelines using Hadoop, Spark, Semantic, Graph and NoSQl technologies to process data from any source and prepare to be integrated into the enterprise BI Datawarehouse ready for use in Analytics and BI tools

BI DataWarehouse

Feed Big Data into Traditional BI Datawarehouse or Next Generation BI Datawarehouse

Indexed, Correlated, Federated, Categorized

Incremental and Dynamic

Provenance, Versioned & Secure

Graph Search, Parallel Access

Embedded Domain Context, Schema on Read

Linked Object Data Query

Data Preparation - Big Data Engineering

  • Big Data, RDF, Knowledge Bases, Ontologies.
  • Learning Models, ML Algorithms.
  • Complex Preprocessing - Graph processing.
  • Custom ETL pipelines - bulk import, Data Cleanse, Harmonize data across disparate sources.
  • Augment, Aggregate and Build BI DataWarehouse.

Data Connectors

Big Data from various sources are imported in to the system through channel connectors.

Connectors handle streaming and bulk import of data

Connectors for Video, Audio and other channels support preprocessing and harmonizing through protocol adaptors

Standard protocols are supported

Next Generation Big Data Analytics