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About Us

We are a team of AI and Computer Science professionals experienced in delivering large AI, Graph, Semantic technology projects including integration of complex Big Data Engineering processes that feed into BI Datawarehouses and Smart Data Lakes. Our experience spans creation of traditional and Next Generation BI Datawarehouses.

We are excited at the big unfolding opportunity due to the fast changing Enterprise BI landscape to deliver on the two promises of new BI: Self-service analytics tools and Capability to deliver expanded range of analytics with in the same self-service analytics tools (expanded analytics afforded by upstream processing such as advanced Big Data analytics pipelines).

Next Generation BI Datawarehouses and Smart Data Lakes are the end point stores that receive and store processed data from complex Big Data Engineering processes (Advanced ETL, Analytics with ML and Graphs and Smart Data Integration). On the otherhand BI Datawarehouses also service the querying and exploration through self-service BI tools.

Lead Semantics is uniquely positioned to deliver/integrate the next generation Integrated BI Datawarehouses including the Smart Data lakes which are foundation technology to make the new BI possible.